LOOK AT MY SOUL - The Latin Shade of Texas Soul
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Look At My Soul - "Boogaloo en Monterrey" featuring "El Gato Negro" Ruben Ramos The Latin Shade of Texas Soul Produced by Adrian Quesada
Look At My Soul - The Sound of San Antonio The Latin Shade of Texas Soul Produced by Adrian Quesada
Look At My Soul - "Ain't No Big Thing" featuring Johnny Hernandez The Latin Shade of Texas Soul Produced by Adrian Quesada

 ROLLING STONE: "...A new album aims to explore a different but under-examined corner of Texas’ musical history.  A collection of fresh songs with a vintage twist, Look at My Soul: The Latin Shade of Texas Soul demonstrates the rich history of interplay between Latin artists in Texas and classic strains of rhythm and blues...This album seems natural in the context of the remarkable increase in soul music scholarship that has taken place over the last 15 years. ...As the spotlight widened to encompass more narratives in R&B, it began to reach some of the Latino musicians who dove into soul music and sparked regionally. ..The album tours classic rhythm and blues: Here you’ll find cutting funk, full of driving, dive-bombing horns; bright, guitar-first mid-tempo tracks like those made in the famous Muscle Shoals studio in the late Sixties; and the aching, post-doo-wop sound often labelled lowrider soul." (a #1 Trending Article)

AUSTIN AMERICAN STATESMAN: “Grammy-winning producer Adrian Quesada, one of Austin’s busiest and most creative musicians, was at the helm for this revelatory 12-song set that includes many more notable artists from the city, the state and beyond. Mixing newly written tunes with historic nuggets, ‘Look at My Soul’ sounds like no other record you’ll hear this year, celebrating sounds of Texas and Mexico that reach beyond traditional country and Tejano realms.. Exactly what category it would go in is debatable — much to Quesada’s credit — but this is a project that’s clearly worthy of Grammy recognition.”

BILLBOARD: “Look at My Soul: The Latin Shade of Texas Soul is ‘a celebration of soul music within the Latino communities of Texas’ in the 1950s and 1960s. This timely exploration of the deeply grooving musical fusion resulting from the ‘convergence of brown and black artists,’… The project preserves the legacy of Chicano music from Texas, often deemed brown-eyed soul and also known as Chicano soul, with new recordings of songs made with a group of multi-generational artists who came together for the project.”

“This LP by Adrian Quesada and his musical collaborators is truly one of the best albums I’ve listened to in a while. Each song has its own unique personality yet they feel like they belong together. Quesada manages to hold an organic feel throughout the production while Texas soul veterans Johnny Hernandez, Ruben Ramos and David Marez feel at home with the next generation of voices like Aaron Frazer, Paul Schalda, Kam Franklin and Jonny Benavidez.” -Ruben Molina - author of Chicano Soul